3D System Integration Using Wireless Interface and Device Technology

  • Designing analog-digital mixed signal circuits for wireless inter-chip communication.
  • Studying low-cost power delivery solution using deep and highly-doped silicon.
  • 3D system integration with low cost and high reliability.
  • Target applications: high-bandwidth 3D-stacked SRAM for low-power AI-edge accelerator, high-bandwidth 3D-stacked DRAM for high-performance computing, analog chips.

Deep Learning Hardware Architecture based on 3D-Stacked SRAM

  • Designing system-on-a-chip for accelerating deep learning using high-bandwidth low-latency 3D-stacked SRAM.
  • Energy- and area-efficient memory system and architecture.
  • SoC utilizing low-power high-bandwidth 3D-SRAM with maximized parallel computing and data reuse.